Directions to WCHS

Wa is the capital city of Ghana's Upper West Region, well served by road and bus routes from other parts of the country.

Once in Wa, there are a number of possibilities for reaching Wechiau village and the WCHS:

  • Vehicles can be chartered easily in Wa.  From Wa (46km away from Wechiau), take the road past the Uplands Hotel to the Vieri T-intersection and turn left.  The next village is Wechiau.  In the center of Wechiau is the WCHS Welcome Centre - a modern building providing information on the sanctuary, a gift shop with local handicrafts, and even flush toilets!  Stop by there to arrange your trip to WCHS.
  • From Ga (23km away from Wechiau): Turn at the Sanctuary signboard (left if heading north, right if heading south) and drive into Wechiau to the Welcome Centre.

From Wechiau village, the best option to reach the Sanctuary is to take a tro-tro (local shared transport), or rent a bicycle.  Assistance can be given at the Welcome Centre.

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Downloadable pdf colour brochure on WCHS from the NCRC